Why Choose the London Centre for Functional Medicine?

We work hard to ensure we deliver a first-class service to our patients on their road back to vitality and health.


  • Patient Centric Consulations

Typical GP consultations are eight to ten minutes long. Hardly enough time to get over pleasantries let alone any serious condition you may have. Our intial consultation can last up to 3 hours which can include the intake form, consulation itself and follow up report. As the relationship progresses we look to optimize your healh around scientific research that is geared towards your biochemical indivuality as specifically as we can.


  • Data Driven

Our motto is to test and not guess. With the data we get from your test results, we can get a deeper understanding of what is driving your symptoms. The more data we have, the more analysis we can use to personalize recommendations based on these results.


  • Expert Team

We are a team of functional medicine and clinical nutritionists working collaboratively to make sure we are getting to the root cause of any imbalances in your health. All of our practitioners have ongoing training and development, so as we are abreast of the latest reseach and science.


  • Systems based approach

Functional Medicine is a systems based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing root causes of disease and not just treating a symptom and masking it with a pill.


  • Nutrition Focused

Nutriton is the cornerstone of any health plan.  We believe that we should look at “food as medicine” which is information for the body and the very foods we choose to eat on a daily basis are changing the expression of your DNA. If we choose an anti inflammatory diet, our genes will turn off inflammation through our gene expression.


  • Preventitive Medicine

Some of our patients are motivated to optimize their current health status and want to monitor their baseline health markers to avoid any potential disease. The responsibilty of your health lies with yourself, but we can provide tools and experience to opmtisze your current and future health goals.


  • Advanced labs testing

As a patient, you will have access to specialist labs and diagnostic tools which are practitioners use which are some of the most advanced testing labs globally, that will allow for a thorough understanding of where any dysfunction lies.