How Our Healthcare Model Works

How The Process Works

At the London Centre for Functional Medicine, our approach to a new model of healthcare include various steps.

Initial Consultation and History

After our initial discovery call, your first visit takes us on an in-depth investigation into all aspects of your health and lifestyle, as well as medical and family history.

This visit also can also include a physical exam, and a thorough assessment of stress, sleep quality, digestion, hormone balance, immunity, environmental exposures, brain health and more.

By the end of this visit, we will have a solid understanding of you and the most important aspects of your well-being, in order to begin the next step on your path to higher health. 

Testing and Lab Work

The information gathered during the initial consultation will help us determine if we need to do further testing,  or if we need specific blood work done. 

This will help our practitioners get a clearer picture of your health and how it could be affecting your symptoms. With this relevant data, we will then be able to customize a bespoke plan for you. 

Our practitioners will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf for any testing requirement. For the most part, any testing can be done in the comfort of your home.

Plan & Treatment

Once we received your results are in, we will review them, discuss our findings and put together your customized health action plan which will include.

  • Personalized nutrition plan—based on what we discovered reviewing your blood work, diet diary, health tracking assessment, and lab results.
  • Clinically relevant supportive nutrients.

  • Lifestyle changes in line with your health goals & challenges.

  • Ongoing support to help you reach your health goals.

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