Rheumatoid arthritis

A Functional Medicine Approach to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a autoimmune condtion that targets joints and surrounding tissues. It impacts 3-5% of people, leading half of those affected to cease working within a decade due to disability. RA manifests through symptoms including joint pain, morning stiffness or stiffness after being inactive, swelling, and a reddening of the joints. It often impacts joints in a symmetrical manner, affecting both sides of the body equally (such as both knees or both hands). Initially, RA might affect only a few small joints but can gradually spread to include additional areas.

Traditional medical interventions focus on slowing the damage to joints and are recognised for their effectiveness, though they can cause harmful side effects in many cases.

Employing a functional medicine approach to reduce inflammation could significantly alter the distressing and often incapacitating nature of this disease.


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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) causes are multifactorial. Some of the key considerations are listed below.

  • Lifestyle factors
  • Immune System Dysregulation
  • Allergies
  • Environmental Triggers
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Genetics

Risk Factors

Some of these risk factors include:

  • Gender: The condition is more prevalent in women, who have a higher susceptibility to developing it.
  • Genetic Background/Family History: Having relatives with rheumatoid arthritis can increase your risk.
  • Smoking: Individuals who smoke not only have a greater chance of getting rheumatoid arthritis but also often experience more severe symptoms.
  • Age: While it can manifest at any age, rheumatoid arthritis is more commonly diagnosed in adults of middle age.
  • Body Weight: People who are obese or overweight are at an increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Environmental Exposures: Being exposed to certain materials, like mycotoxins or asbestos, may elevate the risk of developing the condition

RA Treatment

At the London Centre for Functional Medicine, we take a holistic approach to treating rheumatoid arthritis. We seek to identify and address the underlying contributors to inflammation and autoimmunity. By focusing on diet, lifestyle changes, and strategic supplementation, this method aims to recalibrate the immune system and promote healing. 

Emphasising a diet rich in anti-inflammatory whole foods along with specific supplements, can support gut and microbiome health, reduce inflammation, and improve overall joint function and comfort.

  • Your functional medicine practitioner will work to develop a deep understanding of all factors influencing your health, encompassing nutritional, emotional, and lifestyle elements. This step encompasses gaining a comprehensive grasp of your individual case history, followed by conducting the requisite testing.
  • This involves creating a detailed treatment strategy tailored to you. The plan is then put into action and sustained through regular check-ins and modifications as needed.
  • If food is identified as a possible trigger, this can be determined through an elimination diet. Your functional medicine practitioner can then offer guidance on how to steer clear of the problematic food and suggest alternative options to include in your diet

Our Approach

Diet and Nutrition Protocols

An anti-inflammatory diet can reduce inflammation, thwart autoimmunity, and alleviate discomfort. This entails a personalised dietary approach, eliminating foods triggering sensitivities or allergies and incorporating a vibrant array of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, beneficial fats (e.g. olive oil), and omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods.

Supplement Support

Supplements can be used to help target immune health, gut health, and inflammation. Boswellia, curcumin, pro resolving mediators, and green tea have all been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in people with rheumatoid arthritis. .


In additon to comprehensive lab testing where we can look for a range of inflammatory markers, a comprehensive evaluation of gut health through stool, urine and/or breath can reveal elements that contribute to inflammation and autoimmunity seen in rheumatoid arthritis, given that dysbiosis and leaky gut play significant roles in triggering autoimmune conditions.

Targeted Treatments

Our practitioners can recommendations additional treatment or lifestyle interventions that have proven effects to help you overcome eczema such as light therapy.

Our Client's Feedback

Cormac Whelan
Cormac Whelan
Rob has helped me through a gut health conditon that no other GP was able or willing to figure out. There was no guess work involved. He got to the root of my issues through knowledge, testing and investigation. I would highly recommend the London Centre for Functional Medicine
Roger Hassan
Roger Hassan
I can’t say enough good things about my experience at the London Centre for Functional Medicine. After 3 years of misdiagnosis and living with IBS I finally felt I was able to heal. I’m truly grateful to Rob for his expertise in SIBO. I have to keep things in check but I feel so much better. I would highly recommend them.
G Monkee
G Monkee
For those seeking an alternative viewpoint to their chronic conditions, I would recommend the London Centre for Functional Medicine to others. They were helpful and mindful of my financial restrictions. Thank you.
Martin Beaumont
Martin Beaumont
Working with the London Centre for Functional Medicine team has been a great experience. I have had big improvements with digestion issues and now live pain free! Having the support of Rob was very useful when questions or issues arose during the program and was particularly impressed with not going overboard with the supplement regime. Highly recommended!
Sean Hayden
Sean Hayden
I'm currently going through treatment with Rob and just wanted to acknowledge the individualised and personalised care that has been provided. From when I started Rob has looked at my health issues without judgement and was able to help me in many areas that weren't optimal. Notably, Rob has helped me overcome gut issues and other niggling issues that I didn't were related but seemingly are. Rob is also great at explaining the body systems and related things which has been great. I can highly recommend the London Centre for Functional Medicine
K Kelly
K Kelly
"What I appreciate about Rob at the London Centre for Functional Medicine is that he seeks to educate rather than just give supplements and instructions. He makes you understand both the action needed to take as well the underlying physiological processes driving the underlying issues. Highly recommended."
Aaron Robson
Aaron Robson
If you're dealing with health challenges that conventional medicine hasn't resolved, I strongly suggest you visit the London Centre for Functional Medicine. They make a real effort to comprehend symptoms and worked with me to develop a plan for exploring treatment possibilities. Thanks to my practitioner, I now have answers to health questions that had eluded me for years, and I couldn't be more grateful. My practitioner (rob) uses a data-driven approach to identify the underlying cause. I've already recommended him to friends, and they have had success with his care as well.
Tracy Thomas
Tracy Thomas
Rather than going to a GP when you are sick I entered the Functional Medicine journey before things got out of hand. It’s a route everyone should consider as it does prevent illness and can reverse it! I learned a lot about how my body works and how to become healthier. London CFM walked me through the things I needed to know by educating me about how the digestive system works and healing my SIBO. Thank you!
Lindsay Jones
Lindsay Jones
I sought help from the London Centre for Functional Medicine for a problem I have had for most of my life, terrible digestive issues. Rob has worked with me to get back normal function of my digestive function. It has taken some time but the result have been great so far.
T Webster
T Webster
I was originally referred to Mr Staunton by a nutritional therapist who felt that his particular expertise was required for my specific needs. After meeting him and explaining the situation, he conducted some lab tests which had to be shipped to Germany.. In the 3 months that I’ve been treated by Mr Staunton, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my symptoms and I’m feeling optimistic about my continued good health. I highly recommend the Clinic and working with Mr Staunton has been a very professional and pleasant experience. He’s extremely knowledgeable about both nutrition and how the body works.

Why Choose the London Centre for Functional Medicine?


Once you reach out to us, the team will guide you through the collaborative process with a practitioner, We will gather the information we need to understand you better and help support and motivate you along your health journey.


We take the complex and try to make it simple. Many patients have gone to multiple doctors before they reach us. By taking a functional medicine approach, we can focus on the core imbalance and what needs to be addressed to improve your health picture.

Custom Approach

There is no one size fits approach as each patient is unique. Thus, no plan or protocol is the same. Everything about you including symptoms, lifestyle, diet, genetics and capacity to heal is different and will require a personalized approach.

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