Functional Medicine - A New Form of Healthcare

The London Centre for Functional Medicine was founded to provide a balanced and holistic approach to healthcare using personalized medicine and nutrition as a core focus. Whether you’re struggling with a current health issue, diagnosed with a specific disease, or simply looking to achieve optimal health, we will deliver a program specific to you. 

Our experienced team  are committed by a common goal to address the underlying causes of an individual’s health problems to restore health, prevent disease and enhance optimal wellness for now and the future. Our practitioners will help you unlearn old habits that leads to poor health and give you the knowledge and guidance to achieve and maintain your vitality for your continued wellbeing.

How We Help Our Patients

  • We will listen. We know you’ve been searching for answers, and we will give the time  to consider all areas of your health history to connect relevant events.
  • We find not only the condition, but the reason you’re having that condition in the first place.
  • We use some of the top labatories gloabally that offer  comprehensive tests to look deeper at how the different systems are functioning.
  • We will use a combination of dietary approahces, targeted high end supplements and lifestyle interventions to support your bodys ability to restore health and balance.
  • We will continue to engage and support you going forward to empower you to be in control of your own health.

Our personalized approach with our patients is especially beneficial for patients with chronic diseases with often no answers for their conditons, as well as those with a known diagnosis who experience only partial relief with conventional medical therapy.l