What is the DUTCH hormone test?

DUTCH Test Explained

In functional and naturopathic medicine, we use many tests that many GPs don’t use. The DUTCH test is one of these tests. The DUTCH test is a very unique test that looks at all female and male hormones and is very extensive with its data output and analysis.

The  DUTCH test looks at all the major hormones and its metabolites over a day or a month which gives alot more data and insights than just a one time blood or a saliva tests.

How the DUTCH test UK is performed?

The great thing about this particular test is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home or in your place of work. Its a urine test that needs to be collected 4 times over a 24 hour period..

Which hormones does the DUTCH test for and what are the implications?

Estrogens – There are 3 main Estrogens in the body with some being more active than others. Estradiol is the most biologically active and we need to see the full picture of each of the estrogens so we can more insights related to various symptoms.

Estrogen Metabolites – The Estrogen Metabolites are very important as we need to know which pathway the different estrogens are going. If certain estrogens are going down certain pathways, we know that this could potentially lead to cancer risk or DNA damage. Its also shows how your liver is detoxing certain estrogens and how we should act on this information.

Progesterone Metabolites –These metabolites look at the balance between Estrogen and progesterone when evaluating hormone imbalance.

DHEA – S  DHEA -S is a precursor hormone to Estrogen and Testerone. A high reading could mean there is too much inflammation in the body. If there is a low reading it could mean  adrenal fatigue or a continued exposure to stress

Testerone – Even though Testerone is considered a predominately Male hormone, women need a certain level of Testerone in their body have enough energy, increased libido and muscle maintenance.

Free Cortisol – Free cortisol is the form of cortisol that is active in your body and knowing this along with total output gives the relevant data to know how your body is dealing with stress and how the response is. Does it deal efficiently with stress or does it shut down?

Melatonin – This is a hormone and an antioxidant. The data from this hormone is useful if you are issues going to sleep or if you cant stay asleep or if you are waking up too early.

Free Cortisone and its Metabolites – Cortisone is when the body converts cortisol into the “inactive cortisone”. This is looked at in relation to free cortisol levels and its a marker that your body is trying to slow down

Neurotransmitters Metabolites – This will show if there is an imbalance in the brains neurotransmitters including dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin

Oxidative Stress – 8-OHdG is a marker for oxidative stress on the body. Oxidative stress plays a key marker in many chronic conditions from autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and degenerative diseases.

Pyroglutamate – This is a marker for the bodies master antioxidant, glutathione.

Nutritional Markers for Vitamin B6 and B1 – These B vitamins play a very important part for energy, mood, neurotransmitters and methylatio

Dutch Test NHS

Unfortunately, the Dutch test is not available through the NHS. Its only available to buy privately through a registered health practitioner.

Who would benefit from the DUTCH test?

The DUTCH test is an incredibly benefit test for anyone who is looking to get a more in-dept picture of their hormone health as it relates to specific symptoms. It gives great insights and actionable data on which areas of nutrition and lifestyle need to be addressed that will specific hormones.  Anyone who is dealing with chronic disease and stress related to obesity, insomnia, weight gain, pelvic pain, endometriosis, vulvodynia, erectile dysfunction, PCOS, infertility, mood changes, digestive issues, brain fog
will benefit from taking the DUTCH test. Patients who take the DUTCH regularly feedback that their blood work came back normal from the GP or NHS and yet, the DUTCH test UK revealed major imbalances. Unfortunately, there is no NHS DUTCH test available and needs to be ordered through a functional medicine practitioner or nutritional therapist.

If you need support in dealing with any issues related to hormone health from PMS to menopause consider working with the London Centre for Functional Medicine. We work with many complex hormone cases on a daily basis and help make the changes necessary to reclaim their health, vitality and energy. Feel free to contact us and book a free discovery call.

Dutch Test Cost UK

Dutch Complete Test Cost – £259 – Nordic Labs

Dutch Complete – £319 – Nordic Labs 

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